Be An EveryDay Hero.

Back in high school, I’ve always liked to start my presentations off with a question.

Years later, nothing has changed.

So let’s start with a simple question…

“Who’s your hero…?”

There is a hero for all of us. So who might yours be?

Undoubtedly, when mentioned with the word “hero,” the majority of us would probably associate the term with crime-fighting superheroes restoring justice and saving lives.

The man of steel is probably one of those hero that comes to mind. He might even be the idol of many.

However, despite fictional heroes, there are even greater heroes out there who live among us; in our lives, as well as in our communities. They are the people who are fulfilling the roles of society; balancing the system by playing their own unique parts as contributions of a whole. Each one of them is a hero, an everyday hero.

Without their skills and contributions, society might not run as efficiently. Their work often gets neglected on the sidelines just because their part is to meet different typical expectations. We are also too oblivious to appreciate the importance of their jobs or roles and blindly see it as necessities of their jobs. Perhaps from this moment on, let’s try to give them a little more appreciation and respect.

Every person can be a contributing member of society. Everyone of us with our unique talents can become an everyday hero. All it takes is effort to try and there are no greater boundaries other than your own self. The world might look dark with only a few people trying to make a difference but together, you and I could make a huge impact.

I challenge you to become an everyday hero of your own community and make a difference to those you associate yourself with. Make a difference without seeking a reward.

Go out there and be the hero you are meant to be. Be the hero in us all.,r:33,s:0,i:184&iact=rc&page=2&tbnh=143&tbnw=342&start=17&ndsp=21&tx=177&ty=25

 Other heroes in the community:

943671_306178246195600_932408859_nThis guy is a hero.

21366_296628260483932_1749586378_nSo is this mailman..

1043897_296235113856580_2106746787_nSnack + Free = awesome day..and etc..etc..

Thanks for your time. See you in the next blog!

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